Ice Age Collision Course Movie Base Review

Ice Age Collision Course Full Movie

Now after continental drifting apart the comfortable tollpatschigen ice age animals get with meteorites to act, which directly on the earth zurasen. This natural phenomenon is released – how it could be different – from the clumsy saber tooth squirrel Scrat. What do, there imagine Sid, Manny, Ellie, Diego and both opossum brothers crash and Eddie. Of course also again with from the part is Peaches, the daughter of Manny and Ellie, this time including to her friend Julian. May not be also absent granny, the shortsighted and wilful grandmother of Sid.

Together there proceed the friends on an adventurous trip with the aim to counteract against the meteorites, to protect the cookers and to survive what is to be survived not really. watch Ice Age Collision Course full movie On her trip they bump into the all kinds of sloping characters which join to the adventure partially. Thus appear from the underworld under the layer of ice dinosaur birds who are in search of Buck and are led by this to the icy surface. They join finally to the survival command, and together everything is risked to manipulate the meteorites.

Does the end of the ice age approach? It is at least a narrow burr between boredom and cult on which Mike Thurmeiers “Ice Age: Collision Course”, the fifth part of the animation row, strolls. For fourteen years created electoral family around the mammoth Manny, sabre-toothed tiger Diego and gigantic sloth Sid worldwide spectator’s masses lures from the Blue Sky studios from the house 20 Th Century fox terrier into the cinema. The “Ice Age” franchise counts with it to the most successful ones of the branch. Five continuations (still) have not even to show DreamWorks’ “Shrek” and “Madagascar” or Pixars “Toy Story”.

Besides, it on no account is in such a way that itself the row with every film invents anew. On the contrary, the plot follows since the second part always the proven pattern. No matter whether climate change, dinosaur or continental drift: Always danger approaches from the outside, and the different animal characters have to do themselves zusammenraufen to resist together her. Now in “Collision Course” these are the meteorites which threaten to destroy on the earth zurasen and the life on the planet.

Manny, his Mrs. Ellie, Tochter Peaches und Co. proceed cited from Buck, the one-eyed weasel from the third part, once more on adventurous peregrination to save the world. They generate a magnetic field which should deflect the meteorites. Basically nothing new and quite predictable.

Just this interchangeability of the “Ice Age” universe is possibly the secret of the success. It strikes that the portion of international film proceeds is especially high with the “Ice Age” productions. Clearly higher possibly than with the “Madagascar” row whose doers hunted her animal heroes at last through Europe. The identification with the prehistoric ice world functions apparently excellently about cultural borders away.

Anyway, however, the excellently spirited “Ice Age” films of less live on innovative stories as from catching fire dialogues, gags and the group dynamism of her contradictory protagonists. Besides, just the odd Side kicks like the pirate’s weasel Buck or the rat’s croissant Scrat mutate increasingly to the real stars. Scrat it is also which steers the meteorites unintentional on the earth when it nails up him with his everlasting Sisyphosjagd after an acorn in the space.